Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Missing Piece

Weak people who are in love, are like dreamers. The type of dream that's so vivid and high contrast. To them, love is a promise that never allow you to starve from loneliness while peeling your skin, piece by piece to reveal your true nakedness of the soul, creating a feeling of extreme sensitivity and fragile. Dreamers don't want to face the bitter reality of loneliness so they would do anything to keep on dreaming including sacrificing self-respect, pride, friendships, and so on.

As time goes by, they can't find happiness among the relationship. Why? The problem is they change who they are, in order to stay in the relationship. Like a jigsaw puzzle piece that doesn't fit but still being force as they push and squeeze it into place. That piece isn't meant to be there, even if you force, it won't make the complete picture as it meant to be. There will come a day when fate brings another piece that will easily slide into the exact same spot. Open your eyes more, you might miss the opportunity while searching for a piece that you think look the same.