Thursday, June 27, 2013

You see that’s the thing about me, I am a very sincere person who would do anything for the important people in my life. I trust them completely while pouring my heart to fill their needs. Unfortunately, when I know you lied to me or betrayed me, then it won’t be the same anymore. I understand that no one is perfect and people often make mistakes. There’s only a limited amount to how much I want to take of your bullshit.

Why would you want to do anything on purpose that could jeopardize our relationship by hurting me or breaking your promise? I guess I’m not as important to you as I think I am. Losing trust would be the first step, as time goes by you’re just physically there. I feel no emotion for you, to me you’re just an ordinary person, someone who I no longer could connect to or share secrets with.

Maybe you don’t take friends, family, relationship seriously but I do. I don’t allow people to hurt me anymore, ever since I’ve been through it all and learn to be mentally strong. Often people let others to repeatedly torture them because they are weak-minded, do not.. I repeat, “DO NOT ALLOW" others to run your life by controlling your emotions. I learned to choose people more wisely because at the end, it will be just me alone with either a hatred for people or a warm heart knowing I am safe with the people who I trust. That’s why I built this strict wall to separate the people who deserve to be there while blocking others with their negativities and bull shit out of my life.

Bottom line is, if you respect me then there is no reason why I should not trust you. But once I find out you’ve disrespected me, then I would strongly reconsider which part of the wall you belong in.