Monday, June 24, 2013

All girls are beautiful. To me.. the word beautiful is something that's extraordinary, natural/non-artificial, amazement to the eyes that connects to the heart.  Like a sunset, witness of a child-birth, making love, listening to a song that gives you goosebumps, falling in love, heck you could say falling out of love can even be considered beautiful.  It's something that touches your soul, creating a feeling that puts you in state of speechlessness.  

So when I say all girls are beautiful, it means I appreciate how God created them in their own ways.  I'm not faking it by saying all girls are gorgeous-looking because no body is perfect, yet no one is worthless either.  Some are fortunate to have a gifted face, some have gifted body, some have gifted hands and feet, while others have a gifted soul which can never be reveal due to the pain that once occurred during their lifetime.  Sad to say, we live in an illusional world where we can't see the real person until we take the time to search deeper to find out who they are.  You might be surprise what you will find deep down there.  Behind all of those makeups, behind those fancy clothes, behind the broken smile, lies a beautiful soul that's trapped in abyss from the surface

To answer your question: I would pick to be friends with both of them for a while, to study and understand which one would bring me the most happiness.. because happiness is the peak of beauty when shared with two.