Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We will never happen.. you and I.

As you feel like a little bit of you just died,
I heard your thoughts venting near by.
As tears dripping down your beautiful eyes,
it hurts me the most to know you cry.
As he destroy you down with lies,
I'm the only one who made you rise.
As I convince you that you're a butterfly,
where you belong is in the deep blue sky.
As I tell you that he doesn't treat you like a prize,
returning back to him would be so unwise.
As you hate your life.. you don't realize,
choosing a player when there's waiting of a nice guy.
As I ask you to "start over.." I implied,
forget everything about him and how hard you've tried.
As soon as he came back by your surprise,
seducing you with sweet words like candy and apple pie.
As your heart is not ready to say good-bye,
you agreed to him and not think twice about the reply.
As I'm watching all of this happening on the side,
understanding that we will never happen.. you and I.