Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Live everyday like you're drowning.

In this world of lies and deceiving, it’s hard to find true friends and love. It’s even harder to find yourself, that’s why so many people struggled to be happy. They act upon pleasing the crowd or trying to fit in exchanging for that feeling of acceptance. Find what makes you truly happy and don’t stop chasing for it, follow your heart but bring along your brain. Be true to yourself and happiness will reveal to you like a curtain.

If you say “I don’t have time, that’s easier said than done, & making up excuses.” Then my friend your first step is to change your attitude, life had corrupted your mind to think everything is so out of reach and your soul is willing-less. Fear pushes people away from their dreams. Of course, it won’t be easy but nothing is impossible.

Let me explain: do you understand the feeling of drowning? You fight, kick, punch, using every single muscle in your body, struggling to breath. Despite the numb feeling of exhaustion, you yank up to gasp for air, your mind is panicing as your body’s natural instinct is to survive. Nothing else matters except for one thing… to live. You might swallowed a few gulps here and there but that won’t weigh you down, as you strived to swim towards the direction of safety. Inch by inch, you eventually get there because your mind tells your body: “I will live, I will live”. If your mind and body are strong enough, you’ll reach your goal even in the worst condition. But if they’re too weak, you will definitely drown. Train your mind and body to focus and endure pain. Be on your feet and don’t live life too comfortably because that will bring laziness. Life won’t be easier, there will be many more challenges heading your way, but if you want to find happiness you must live everyday like you’re drowning.