Saturday, June 1, 2013

How do you find love in broken souls?

Imagine this abandoned house is like a broken soul. A soul that was once beautiful and innocent where someone used to call it a home, now it is just a neglected rubber pile of mess, collecting dust. If you could physically see souls as houses, this is what it would looks like in most people’s deepest, darkest, abyss of the heart. Where they cover it up neatly, with mascara, fancy dresses, appealing looks, money, materialistic items.. to disguise who they really are, creating an illusion that they are happy ..but are they really? You don’t know what it looks like within their mind and soul, so you only judge by the appearances that they’re doing fine. Only love can turn into hate, and a happy home into a haunted house. A lot of people might visit but only a few might come in.

In order to make someone truly loves you, you must visit this area where no eyes can see, only to be felt upon each others’ heart. That’s why blind people can see the clearest. It’s not easy for broken souls to open up, to just anybody. But how? Trust is the key. It takes time, efforts, energy, and money to rebuild such a disaster. As a reward, you will earn their trust which I personally think it’s the most valuable thing. You could say I love you but you don’t have to trust them, and if you say I trust you, you really must love them.

That’s the thing about most guys, once they got the key to the house.. they think their job is complete. No. How can you live in there knowing that it’s still such a mess? It’s only the beginning, to love someone is to awaken their soul and make their heart your new home whether it is new or had been abandoned. Layout the blueprints, put your construction cap on, and grab the tools you need. As men we love to build things such as cars, bridges, houses, etc.. Why don’t we start by rebuilding the woman that we love’s heart? Make your woman feel beautiful inside out, make her feel like she can never find a better architecture than you, make her yearn for you even when you’re missing, and trust me, forever you will be in her heart.