Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cheating and Jealousy

I believe that if you are unreasonably strict by not allowing your lover to communicate or hang out with their opposite sex friends, then you are taking away their natural characters to merge with your selfish lifestyle. When a person is forced to change and pretending to be who they are not, they will eventually become unhappy.. despite how much they love you.

The butterflies feeling that was once there will sooner or later fade into thin air because you sucked it all out with jealousy and envious as the body physically remains. What’s next? They may not be a cheater at first but you pushed them to become one as they’re looking for someone else better, they hope to leave but can’t due to responsibilities and feeling sorry for you. Most people don’t focus on increasing their parter’s love, instead they focus on fear such as prevent cheating by laying down strict rules and expect the lover to obey them like a child. Taking love for granted while using their love as hostage: “if you love me you would do this, or else”. They may be with you, even so you do not own them as a property whatsoever.

As human beings, we all have limitations to patience and abuse. Little arguments will turn into big fights, a relationship is like a rubber band, you can only stretch it so far until it snap into pieces. You can’t force someone to change, even if they try to.. it is just a mask. Love is to appreciate, respect, trust, understanding, and be supportive to whatever they wish. So give them room to breath and space to miss you, have more confident in yourself and remember what is yours will always be yours. If they want to cheat.. they will cheat no matter what you think or say.