Sunday, September 30, 2012

It made me sad knowing how distanced we are now...

We used to be so close, you treated me like a little brother and I looked up to you as my older brother & a role model.  I know that we had some misunderstanding, you heard people saying that I talked bad things about you and please, understand that I was only 17.  I was a naive kid who didn't know better.  I tried many times, using my actions to speak the word of apologies to you, trying my best to rebuild that connection that we once had back then, but every time I tried, you said "nothing is wrong, I'm fine.. You are thinking too much."  I'm not stupid, man.  I can feel the bad vibe, isolating between the two of us.  Often, I saw you often around town.  I always tried to politely greet you but sometimes it seems like you were avoiding me so I kept my distance out of respect.

What made me more upset, sad, and disappointed was that you asked everybody else to be your best man for your wedding but I guess I was not important enough for you.  I don't think you even wanted me there at your wedding, I was only there because I am also a friend to the bride.  In my eyes you're important to me, I still see you as a dear brother but I should just let you fade-away into memories with the rest of everybody else who I want to forget.

It's not that I'm being negative and over-thinking, that's how I feel and I want to let it out of my chest.  I'm just here ranting and expressing how I feel to let out negative emotions.  I do not wish you to read this to whom it concern.  But overall, I wish you happiness in life and be a stronger man because you have a family to take care of.  Best of luck, bro.