Monday, June 13, 2011

Love Song.

As I was laying there trying to fall asleep last night, I turned on Pandora radio instead of my iPod.  There.. I started thinking in my head, what if you give someone a chance instead of going for what you want?  Tossing and turning, my mind wondered off with countless thoughts on how love can be like a beautiful random playlist.

Do you listen directly to that one particular song you desire or just wait song after song, until the right song catches your mind, lyrics deeply enough to open your heart, and leave featherless chicken's skin goosebumps on you?  "Why didn't I listen to this song before?" you may ask?  The answer is.. You never gave it a chance. 

Some people just smile and listen deeply as others burst out jumping and yelling: "OMG, THIS IS MY JAM RIGHT HURRR!"..  Well love can be like that too.  If a person didn't workout with someone else, doesn't mean s/he won't with you.  Our emotions, personalities, minds, feelings, and even taste in music are all different.  Don't be afraid but instead, be open-minded. =)

Try turning on internet radio or stream random radio stations.  Go ahead and do your own business while listen to the music in the background, explain to me the feelings you get when a special song comes on. =)

Although this has no lyrics, it still helps me escape from this world.