Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Time For A Change Or Just Keep It The Way It Is?

Every time I drive my car, either waiting for a red light or driving behind old cars/trucks that produce carbon dioxide.. I can smell it through my air-vents.  I wonder how the world is doing so far with helping this situation. I actually work at a newspaper company, ever so often I saw topics about the arctic is melting, floods, bad storms stroked across America, and so on. Is it really us to blame for what's happening to our world? There are approximately 7 billion people in this world, I'm sure there are a few billions of cars out there.(guessing)  Every minutes, hours, days, months, years non-stop releasing of carbon dioxide into the air and I'm not even mentioning factories/power plants. I know car manufacturers are trying to help by making hybrids, especially Nissan who just released the Leaf which is 100% electric, no-gas automobile. We are slowly changing, but not fast enough to catch up with Mother Nature.

But if all of a sudden we stop using fossil fuels, the world's economy will collapses because today almost 90% of everything is powered by (ships, airplanes, trucks, construction vehicles, cars, the list goes on.) My question for you guys to think. If we don't fix the problems, we or our kids' generation might face crisis, maybe even extinction.. But if we stop and change then we're putting our world in very difficult/bad situation (super great depression).