Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fast and Furious.

It has been a decade since I first watch The Fast & the Furious during my early teen years.  I remember that I went with my two other buddies.  At first, we weren't interested in watching F&F but instead another comedy movie.  We got there late so there were no other chooses beside F&F.  Little did I know, it changed my life.  I actually had a great time watching it to the point where it inspired me to become a car enthusiast.
 I was crazy about cars and mechanics.  I started researching about cars’ info on my 56k.  Ripping picture of cars from magazines and pinned them all over my bedroom.  Played countless hours of racing games, understanding as much as I can about the specs of each cars.  I can name you what kind of car it is just within seconds of looking at it or by looking at the headlights or taillights.  I took auto-mechanic classes in high school to expand my knowledge.  My first real job was at Don’s Car-Wash.. not surprising huh?

After obtaining my license, not too long later I bought this 2 doors Oldsmobile, I remember how my friends and I used to take our cars to a near-by sharp turn corner to record videos of us drifting back and forth.  As I worked harder, eventually I got my dream car which was the S2000.  I am not sure whether if it’s the color yellow that attracted the police to me or my bad driving habits, unfortunately I received quite a few tickets.
One day, this dude said his Ford SHO could take on both my friend’s STI and my S2K.  So we went for a cruise, there were at least 8 cars driving along with us.  A red light was coming up, all three of us were lined up.  Another STI behind me was flashing his high beams, I assumed he was saying “hurry, go fast!”  So I was like “okay!”  As we were all revving our engines before the lights turn green, I did an excellent job peeling off at the start to take first place.  I guess the other two messed up, I was smiling and laughing because I can’t believe I’m beating them both.  Suddenly there were flashing lights behind me.. DAMN IT, the cops pulled me over.  I guess the guy in the STI was warning me that there were cops around.  The policeman walked towards my car to ask “do you know why I pulled you over?  I replied “no, sir..”  He gave me a “are you stupid” kinda look.  “ I can take you to jail because you broke every single rule in the book: speeding, racing, noise disturbance to residents, making tire marks on the street, reckless driving, do you want me to go on with the list?” he said.   I apologized, he walked back to his car to check my record and insurance, I was scared and nervous.  Soon later he came back, gave everyone a $350 ticket and told me that I only have 1 point left.  My state assigned a certain number of points to the driving record, 18 years old and over get additional of 12 points.  After all these driving and speeding tickets, one point remained left until they suspend my license for the next 5 years.  My insurance went sky rocketing like crazy.  As I was in the situation, I need a car for work and to go do my personal things.  I got fed up of doing these stupid acts so ever since then, that was my last ticket.  I guess I grew out of that phase in my life.  As I was watching Fast 5 last night with my little brother, I couldn’t believe that it's been 10 years, wow..  This time, I’m not as excited like how I used to be.  Although the movie was awesome.  My favorites F&F movies in order: 3rd, 5th, 1st, 2nd, then 4th.

Another thing that I’ve learn is, when new movies are released within the first few days, try to go as early as possible because if you don’t, you’ll be like me.. sitting in the 2nd or 3rd row from the screen due to no seats left anywhere.  If that’s not bad enough, I was watching the ultra-screen which is 3 times bigger than regular screen!  I had a huge headache!!
 On top of that when we left the movie theater, it started to snow… in May?! Are you cereal?!  I can’t wait to move..