Monday, April 4, 2011

Books & Coffee.

Every now and then, when I am not busy.  I enjoy going to the bookstore for a nice cup of coffee and read a good book or magazine. (yes, I do read.)  The atmosphere with surrounding people offers calm and peaceful feelings to me. If you find a nice crowd that is, some people are so rude and loud!  Having a good book in hand takes me to another world where I can be anyone.  To top that off, listening to Yiruma on my i-pod is definitely a cherry on top.  I'm not much of a library person.  Perhaps the library around my area is a bit ghetto, people there creeps me out.  Although I haven't been to school for 6 years, I am now starting to forget my english.  Seeking help, I've been trying to improve my english by writing blogs and reading books.  I bet if people who were in my shoes, they would just give up to enjoy life with other entertaining hobbies.

Occasionally, I bring my little brother to go read books with me.  Hoping one day, he will follow a bright path to become successful.  When I was younger, in my little mind was all about video games and childish things.  I was not fortunate to have someone there for me, pushing me to become a better person.  Back then, I could care less about reading due to my lack of english skills.  My little brother got a head because he was born and raised here.  Who knows, maybe one day he will read this old blog of mine and say.. "wow, Thank God I have a brother like him." :)